Homeless Connections

Severe Weather Shelter Network (SWSN) is a group of churches partnering with other community organizations and agencies to provide emergency, overnight shelter on life threatening winter nights for individuals that are living on the streets. SWSN only shelters single men, single women and couples without children.

The Host Sites open when overnight temperatures are going to be 32 degrees or colder and wet, or 20 degrees or colder and dry. Our season begins October 1st and concludes April 30th.

Anyone who is interested in staying in one of our shelter sites must register with SWSN. Our Partner Connections help individuals with the screening and registration process in order for our guests to have access to the shelter for the season. Registration cannot be done over the phone or online. Each guest must visit one of our partners in person to register for Severe Weather Shelter Network.

Partner Connections

Severe Weather Shelter Network partners with other organizations and agencies to assist our guests in registering for the Shelter Network and to connect them with resources that will assist them in moving toward a more safe and stable lifestyle. We provide emergency overnight shelter, our partners provide the other resources necessary to individuals living on the streets. Visit any of these organizations to get connected to Severe Weather Shelter Network.

Central Rotation Partners

  1. The Action Center, 8755 W 14th Ave, Lakewood 80215
    Hours: Mon, Tues, Wed and Fri 9am-3: 30 pm, Thurs 11:30-5:30 pm
  2. Family Tree, 3805 W Marshall St, Wheat Ridge 80033 Hours: Monday, Wed- Fri 9am - 3:30; Tuesday 12-4 pm
  3. Mean Street Ministry, 1380 Ammon’s St Lakewood 80214 Hours: Monday - Thursday 9 am - 3 pm
  4. Jeffco Human Services 900 Jefferson County Parkway Golden 80401
    Hours: Mon thru Friday 7:30 am – 5:30 pm

South Rotation Partners

  1. Giving Heart, 4358 S Broadway, Englewood 80113, Hours: Tues 10:00 am-3pm, 12 pm - 2 pm severe weather days
  2. HOPE Englewood 3940 S Broadway, Englewood 80113, Hours: Friday 11am - 2pm. 
What to Expect at the Shelter

Severe Weather Shelter Network provides emergency overnight shelter on life threatening winter nights for single men, single women and couples without children. Our season begins October 1st and runs through April 30th.

All of our guests are required to go to one of our Partners to go through a screening and registration process to get connected for the season. The registration process will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.

Our Host Sites are local churches that will open their buildings for our use on severe weather nights. All of the men sleep in one large room and women sleep in a separate room.

All of our guests are transported to and from the Host Site. Guests are allowed to bring one bag that must fit on their lap. All other personal possessions must be stored in a place where the person feels it will be safe for the night.

A hot, home cooked meal is provided for all of our guests upon arrival at the designated Host Site.

A clean bedroll is provided for each guest. All personal possessions are placed in a bag with the guest’s name on it and locked up for safe keeping overnight.

Our biggest desire is to provide a safe warm place for individuals to spend the night. Part of the warmth of the night is our volunteers as they look forward to welcoming our guests each night we open.

Other Sheltering resources

Shelter space in the Denver area is very limited. Families with children and other individuals that are not a good fit for Severe Weather Shelter Network can find assistance with shelter through one of these Provider Partners:

Shelter Openings in Denver: Call 211 to find shelter openings in the Denver metro area.

Severe Weather Family Shelter: Families with children can find shelter assistance through Mean Street Ministry. 

All of our Partner Connections have access to additional shelter resources and can assist families and individuals to find long-term shelter and housing assistance. Please connect with those organizations to fulfill other and long-term shelter needs.

Click on the button and share your personal testimony about what Severe Weather Shelter Network means to you. You can share something of your experience on the streets to help us educate others about the realities of homelessness as we seek to raise awareness and bring change to our communities, the lives of our volunteers and most especially the lives of our guests.

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