New partnerships, New launches…such an exciting beginning to 2018!

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Severe Weather Shelter Network is approaching the end of our sheltering season. So much has happened in the last several months that is exciting! I encourage you to click on the link and peruse our March Newsletter. Celebration is all through out! Launch of a new shelter rotation in Arvada. Launch of a new partnership

Volunteer Training at the Lakewood Warming Site

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Volunteers will gather this Sunday, January 14th from 1-3pm at the Lakewood Elks Lodge to receive training and orientation for our new Warming Site. 34 individuals have stepped up to the plate to help staff this site. We are looking for another 10-15 individuals to join us and make the staffing complete! Is that you?  

We have a Lakewood Warming Site!

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Severe Weather Shelter Network and the Lakewood Elks Lodge are partnering together to provide a Warming Site in the city of Lakewood.  Why are we celebrating this partnership? Warming Sites are a very important part of our sheltering structure. Warming Sites provide a specific indoor location for our shelter guests to gather to wait for

Current Collaborative Efforts

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Severe Weather Shelter Network continues in a five year collaborative relationship with Heading Home seeking to address the needs of those who are experiencing homelessness in Jefferson County.  Heading Home has a primary goal to end homelessness in Jefferson County. They are seeking to do this in a multifaceted approach that includes housing solutions, legal

Why A Quilt?

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Why did we commission a quilt? After all, there are a number of people, maybe especially the younger generations, that think quilts are old fashioned and irrelevant.  However, we believe there is a significant amount of symbolism to be uncovered within quilts that speaks to our ministry. Quilts represent comfort and healing.  They embody relationship

Partnering with Giving Heart

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Giving Heart and Severe Weather Shelter Network share a unique partnership.  Out of all the community service providers that Severe Weather Shelter Network works with, Giving Heart is the one that bears the image of Christ as we do.   We share a passion and deep value around entering into relationship with those we encounter.