Excellence…keeping our eyes to the future

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Community working together with Excellence for the "least of these" In February 2013, an invitation was extended to Lakewood churches to consider opening their doors to provide space for emergency shelter for individuals living on the streets. This is right up our alley as the Church! Matthew 25:40 was selected as our founding and guiding

Unity is not conformity

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Unity brings its own form of power. Unified, does not mean we are all the same. It doesn't mean we all have the same belief system. Unified means we are all agreed upon a direction to move. Severe Weather Shelter Network is unified in our passion and our purpose.  On shelter nights this looks like

Prayer is critical

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We are living an experience we never expected in our life times. I wonder how many generations have said or thought that? Black plague, World War 1, World War 2, famine in Africa and the nether reaches of the world. Some things impact locally. Others have a worldwide impact. All of them bring a common

Grace Shared in Shelter

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Grace is a funny word. Many of us don’t really understand grace because we don’t often experience it.  Grace is defined as “the giving of unmerited favor”. In the shelter night context, it goes both ways between shelter guests and volunteers. Guests push boundaries of known expectations. Volunteers extend a bit of grace and understanding

Empowering change in our community

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Change is something that takes time and consistency. People moved to the suburbs of Denver years ago to get away from “city life”. Often seeing people experiencing homelessness is associated with living in the city. Neighbors simply can’t resolve in their own mind that there are people living on the streets of our suburban communities

Empowering change in the lives of our guests and volunteers

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When Severe Weather Shelter Network began providing emergency shelter in 2013 our guests were not accustomed to the kind of shelter we provide. Many initially didn’t know if they could abstain from smoking or drinking in the overnight hours and they certainly were not sure they could sleep well with 30 other people. Almost immediately