Put your HANDS up for Severe Weather Shelter Network! We Won the interview!

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Severe Weather Shelter Network is always looking for opportunities to tell our story...which of course means telling the stories of our guests. We receive these stories from our volunteers, from our parter organizations and from our own experiences serving on shelter nights. Let me share a story or two now to give you an idea

“At Least A Smile”

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A young man in a thick brown coat and scratched glasses stands in the median. “At least a smile.” Reads his bent cardboard sign. He isn’t wearing any gloves. The sun sinks low, the sky darkening a bleak grey. A cold winter night approaches and he is going to need a lot more than a

Refuge from the Cold 2018

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The first Saturday in November has become special to Severe Weather Shelter Network. For the last 5 Novembers we have hosted our fall fundraising event called Refuge from the Cold. The event is not exactly your traditional dinner banquet. We have always felt like it would be outside of our character as an organization and