Storage? Who has ever had enough storage space…

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Severe Weather Shelter Network is always considering storage. Storage of our shelter supplies. Storage of supplies for events. Storage of daily office supplies. It seems there is never really enough storage space for those things that seem really important. I know my family deals with the same thing. We regularly purge items from our storage

Celebrating our partnership with Giving Heart Englewood

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Giving Heart Englewood and Severe Weather Shelter Network have a unique history. It began when my friend Paul and his wife Janae felt called to serve people experiencing homelessness in Englewood. Our mutual friend Dave had started a worship service in the Englewood Civic Center. The intent was to bridge economic, racial and gentrification gaps

Shower anyone?

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Severe Weather Shelter Network continues to stay focused on what we provide. Emergency shelter on life threatening winter nights for individuals living on the streets of our communities.   A funny thing happens when you spend time with people. Relationships begin to form and stories begin to come out that we may not have known

10,000 steps a day….a great fitness goal! Steps toward The Journey Home

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Fitbits and pedometers continue to be the rage. All of us wanting to become more fit and healthy. We allow a devise to measure our steps and celebrate the thousands of steps we take each day marking our progress toward health. Severe Weather Shelter Network exists to provide emergency overnight shelter on life threatening winter