In the theatre world there is a rule that actors are very familiar with. They are not to break the 4th wall. The audience is invited to watch and to react, but there is no real participation in the story. The audience does not influence the story one way or the other.

I have been thinking about social media quite a bit lately. It seems to me that Social media is very similar to the theatre. We log into our favorite social media platform and we watch the lives of our friends and perhaps we react to their story with various emoji to express our feelings. We really do not influence their story one way or the other…we are in many ways disconnected.

Today I am inviting you to break the 4th wall with me! 

I invite you to take a step that will require you to move…perhaps even outside of your comfort zone. If you accept my invitation to join me it means you are taking a stand of sorts and giving favor to our neighbors experiencing homelessness.

Are you game? 

Here we go…I invite you to personally engage with and through Severe Weather Shelter Network right now in one of two ways:

  1. Give your best financial gift to help us raise $35,000 in support of our shelter work this season
  2. Purchase your dinner ticket today and attend Refuge from the Cold this coming Saturday, November 2nd

Did I just hear the wall crumbling? Yes! I believe I did! 

Congratulations! You have just helped us move closer to reaching our $35,000 goal! Thank you! 

Break through the 4th wall. The connections and relationships that grow from face to face conversation and sharing are the richest connections attainable. It does mean putting aside the phone…the computer…the tablet…turning off the television and actually having conversations with other people. Looking them in the eye and affirming who they are.

There is just a bit of irony that this message is coming to you via social media, or perhaps via email. Or perhaps you saw the Facebook Live I did last night. Irony upon Irony. 

I hope to meet you in person on Saturday, November 2nd, 6pm at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Lakewood. I would love to laugh together as we see the fulfillment of this amazing campaign and begin a new relationship that WILL save lives.

See you Saturday!

Lynn Ann Huizingh

Executive Director