Severe Weather Shelter Network and our partners are very clear on one single truth. There is not enough emergency shelter for everyone who needs it in the winter months. Especially in the suburban corridor.

The reasons someone may find themselves living on the streets is varied and complicated. We have learned this over the last 5 shelter seasons. Every person we meet who is in need of shelter has a story. There are some similarities, but the details of the stories are very unique to each person.

One of our biggest heart breaks comes when we simply cannot shelter a person who is in need. We are limited in who we can take into our shelter setting for a number of reasons. We are volunteer staffed. We shelter in church buildings with special fire department requirements. Each building is different in the way we are able to provide a safe shelter setting.

What are we to do when we encounter someone who simply doesn’t fit within our scope of ability? 

HAAT Force South Metro is one of our very important partners in this very scenario. HAAT Force South Metro provides motel vouchers for families with children, single individuals with physical disabilities that prevent them from getting down onto and/or up from the floor and people with pets.

These folks are in need of emergency shelter as much as any of our single adult men or women. Because of their own situations they simply are not a good fit for Severe Weather Shelter Network. Without HAAT Force as a partner we would have to refer these folks to downtown shelters. Many of them have already been downtown and have used up their time in those shelters or for other reasons are not able to utilize them.

Financially supporting HAAT Force South Metro through The Journey Home 5K Walks will help them provide nights of safe, warm shelter this coming winter season. 

We are closing in now on the first walk date! Join us on Saturday, September 15th or Saturday, September 22nd by registering to walk today. 

Not able to walk? You can give a one time gift online and support the 5 organizations that will benefit from this event.

Click on this link and register for the walk or make your gift in support today. 

Looking forward to welcoming you all in just 2 weeks!

Lynn Ann Huizingh

Executive Director