Connection hours? Daytime Volunteer and Partner Hours Benefit Guests

by | Sep 6, 2022

reel factory car meet graphic

SWSN has historically been a simple emergency overnight shelter on life threatening winter nights. Over the last nine seasons we have grown more and more discontent with the gaps between services needed and our guests’ ability to get to those services. 


I know our volunteers have been frustrated from time to time when they referred a guest to a partner, but had no way to know for sure the connections were made. Guests are always frustrated by referrals because their access to transportation can be difficult and many times resources and providers are out of reach. Partners are frustrated because they have a difficult time finding the guests they are working with to continue services and make progress in the journey. 


This season SWSN announces Connection Hours at each Host site from 3-6pm. Our partners are excited by the opportunity to meet guests with whom they are already working, or add new guests to their client list. We believe this is a win-win! 


Additionally, now volunteers will be able to volunteer for Connection Hours to visit with guests and help them connect to Providers who can best meet their needs.