Devotion: Ecclesiastes 11:1-2

by | Dec 5, 2022

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Colorado Gives Day is an opportunity for us to think beyond ourselves to bless others who are in need. Your gifts given to local nonprofit organizations bless so many people who are desperate for help! 


I have been sharing some of the reasons Severe Weather Shelter Network relies on people like you to help support the work we do together. Today I thought I would divert for just a moment to reflect on a passage of Scripture that talks about how giving blesses the giver. 


The writing of Ecclesiastes comes from King Solomon toward the end of his life. He is sharing all he has learned about what is truly important in the way to live life. One of those lessons he has learned is the importance of sharing all that you have so that the greater community will prosper. Solomon specifically indicates the sharing will bless those who are in poverty or unable to provide themselves. We share because at some point we might be the ones who need help. 

Ecclesiastes 11:1-2 says this “Cast your bread upon the waters, for after many days you will find it again. Divide your portion among seven or eight, for you do not know when disaster may fall upon the land.” 


Colorado Gives Day is an opportunity for you to consider how to divide your portion so that others may receive the blessing. When others are blessed, you in turn are blessed at the right time. This lesson has been seen and heard clearly in our shelter night experience. 


It costs just $1,200 per year to shelter 1 person. This is all inclusive of food, shelter, transportation and access to other resources. It provides community, a hot meal, relational connection to volunteers, staff and other guests. 

  • $22 per night
  • $100 as a monthly gift


Severe Weather Shelter Network needs to raise an average of $11,000 per day during the Colorado Gives campaign to reach our $75,000 goal. 


What is your portion? What will you give right now to make sure shelter happens for at least one person? 


When you know what you will give go to our page to give your gift.


 If you are ready to exponentially increase your impact click on the Fundraise button on the same page and invite 5 or more friends to join you in supporting Severe Weather Shelter Network through this campaign. 


It will take all of us working together to reach the goal! Your gift now is like casting bread on the water for a future return. 


Thank you for helping us literally save lives and transform them with love and kindness. 


Lynn Ann Huizingh

Executive Director of Development