Early Giving Is Starting Soon!

by | Oct 26, 2022

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Early Giving for Colorado Gives Day begins November 1st! 


Severe Weather Shelter Network only hosts two campaigns each year to raise the funds needed for our emergency winter shelter and support services. 


COVID consumed so much of our time and energy as we sheltered in motels. It may seem to many of our donors and volunteers that we were silent the last two years. In truth, we did not share stories or ask for assistance very much during this time.


We are excited to move back into our favored congregate shelter setting in local church buildings this year! 


While our expenses will be less than motel expenses, we do still have a financial need. Our Colorado Gives goal for 2022 is $75,000. 


You can help us get a good start before Colorado Gives Day on December 6th by giving today! 


We want to raise the first $20,000 during the month of November. 


These are some of the ways your gifts may be used this season: 

  • $15: Shelter night Meal support 
  • $28: RTD 10 ride bus ticket books
  • $150: Guest Daypack
  • $250: Camp Kit


Visit SWSN Events: Colorado Gives Day to see the impact of your giving this shelter season! 


Want to make an even bigger impact? 


Share this page with 5 friends who share your passion and compassion for people living on the streets and help us reach our $75,000 goal by December 6th!