Facing the Battle in the Power of Prayer

Nehemiah 4:14 “Don’t be afraid of them. Remember the Lord who is great and awesome, and fight for your brothers, your sons and your daughters, your wives and your homes.”

You may ask what in the world this verse has to do with prayer. Let me share my reflections and perhaps you will see what I saw.

In a variety of places in Scripture the Lord tells us to pray in the midst of battle. We are to pray when things are going well, when things are hard and when things are somewhere in between. Prayer is our primary avenue for hearing the Father and for sharing our hearts with Him. It is through prayer that healing comes in all of its many forms. It is through prayer that our adversary is defeated.

The book of Nehemiah is a wonderful example of life as a believer. So many times in the Old Testament God sends His people into exile because they have turned away from Him. Nehemiah is relating a return to Jerusalem after a time of exile. God’s people had turned their hearts toward Him once again and now it was given they should rebuild the walls.

If you are familiar with this story at all you know the Jews faced many enemies that did not want the wall rebuilt. They did not want Israel to return to their home and perhaps their former glory. So they worked at frustrating the work with fear tactics and sorties. Ultimately, the wall was completed in just 52 days! A miracle in so many ways.

Verse 14 is a word of encouragement from Nehemiah to the Jews. They were frightened after the last attempt against them. Nehemiah reminds them of who God is. Our Lord is great and awesome. He gave us our families and our homes. We will not allow our enemies to take anything that God has given to us.

I am very inspired and encouraged by the way they stepped up. The following verses tell us they went back to work, each one working with a sword on his side, a bow and arrows in one hand and supplies in the other and taking turns standing watch over brothers who were working.

What a beautiful picture of the power of prayer and trust in the One who calls us to be His children!

Each of us are encouraged to pray without ceasing. As we go throughout our day, participating in building God’s kingdom, we carry the power of prayer. This weapon is so great that the adversary will flee from us when we simply call on the name of Jesus!

Prayer is even more powerful in community. When we are all praying together for a common purpose or vision, God is honored and the work is accomplished in record time!

I am encouraged today to stand strong in the knowledge that Jesus is victorious already in every instance and every circumstance. I am encouraged to continue praying without ceasing and discovering in ever growing circles the power that is ours when we pray in the name of Jesus.

Some days the work is long and hard. Other days I can feel the adversary breathing down my neck attempting to frighten me into silence and apathy. It is on those days I find strength and the ability to move forward in JOY through the power of PRAYER.

Don’t give up! Keep praying. God hears you and has already laid plans for the way your prayer will be answered. Lean in and listen closely for His voice. The trumpeter is at the ready. Will we be ready to respond when the trumpet sounds?

I believe we will. Thank you for all the prayers, love, encouragement and support! I could not do what I do without that most important foundation.

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