I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink

by | Sep 15, 2022

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When was the last time you were really thirsty? Can you imagine your tongue getting sticky. Maybe your head is aching. You’re not thinking clearly. For most of us this may have happened on a hike in the mountains or maybe when we were exercising harder than normal. 


The physical need for water is a real thing. 70% of our bodies are water. We can only survive without water for three to four days at the most. We will die without water. 


Jesus says His followers are blessed because they gave something to drink to someone who was thirsty. On shelter nights guests often drink lots of water, hot coffee and juice. They really enjoy a good glass of milk. They are thirsty and we are able to satisfy their thirst. 


There is another way to think of water. Jesus tells us about the Living Water that satisfies our soul. How are we actively pouring out Living Water on a shelter night? 


A kind word is like a deep drink of water to a thirsty soul. A silent prayer offered over our guests as they sleep drenches them in the Spirit and provides them with rest. Anything we do or say that fills up the heart and soul of our guests, or volunteers, is a satisfying drink of Living Water. 


We would love to have you experience what it means to drink deeply at the well of love and life as we serve together. Everyone is welcome! Are you ready to have your thirst quenched?


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