When the job fails and the home is lost where would you go to stabilize? Where would you go to start over? 

No job. No family or friends with space to spare. No permanent or temporary shelter. Where do you go?

You can help us provide a place of Refuge where no other refuge exists by giving your gift today. We have calculated that we can save the life of one person for just $15 a night. That $15 provides:

  • Identity and dignity for our guests
  • Safety from the elements and from the imminent dangers always present on the streets at night
  • Community. People from across the socio economic spectrum coming together in one place to share a meal, a story and a place to rest.

Severe Weather Shelter Network is pushing to raise $35,000 to support our shelters in Jefferson County by November 2nd. 



How many lives will you save with your gift given today? 

  • $15 provides 1 night of shelter for 1 guest
  • $150 provides 1 night of shelter for 10 guests
  • $500 provides 1 night of shelter for 35 guests at 1 Host Site
  • $1,000 provides 1 night of shelter for 70 guests at 2 Host Sites
  • $1,500 provides 1 night of shelter for 105 guests at all 3 Host Sites

I celebrate that we have already raised 20% of our goal! Thank you all! Keep up the momentum and share this post with friends, co-workers and family.

Looking forward to celebrating 100% funding with you on Saturday, November 2nd! Click here to buy your dinner ticket and reserve your seat of celebration.

See you there!

Lynn Ann Huizingh

Executive Director