I am humbled and grateful for all of those who have responded to this 2-week campaign opportunity leading up to Refuge from the Cold 2019 this coming Saturday, November 2nd. We have reached 30% of our total goal because of many of you! Thank you!

I thought it might be appropriate to clear up a couple of items that may be causing some of you to hold back. 

  • Dinner tickets are $35 each.
  • Gifts given online count toward our $35,000 goal.
  • Refuge from the Cold 2019 will include our Silent Auction and our See the Need Fund the Need activities.

I have had some of my friends and colleagues tell me they could not attend by purchasing a single dinner ticket. When I asked what was preventing them they indicated they weren’t in a place to spend $200 or more on a dinner ticket at this time.

Good news! We intentionally made the cost of the individual dinner tickets very affordable. We understand the economy has been difficult for some of us. We also understand quite often the individual “budget” for an event is $100. By making our dinner tickets only $35 it leaves room for people to have fun with the Silent Auction and still stay within their designated budget.

We initiated the 2-week online campaign this year because we know how busy many people are. Over the years I have had friends tell me they were really sorry they couldn’t attend the event and so would not be able to help out at this time.

Opening up the 2-week campaign has allowed many of our friends, new and old, to join us in this event. We are very excited to have reached 30% of our goal ahead of Saturday!

Let’s push hard to reach 50% or $17,500 by midnight Friday! With your help it is possible. 

Here is how you can help us reach 50% or $17,500 by midnight Friday:

  • Make your best gift right now if you haven’t already done so
  • Share this post with your Network of friends, co-workers and family. Encourage them to give their best gift right now.
  • Email the link for this post to your friends, co-workers and family who may not be on social media. Encourage them to give today.

Lastly…You are invited to purchase your dinner tickets today! It is not to late…and now you know that dinner is very affordable. Let me extend this challenge to you…

Why should you join me? 

Because your participation…in person, or via your online gift, prevents deaths due to freezing overnight temperatures. You are saving lives! 

I look forward to welcoming each and everyone of you who on Saturday night! It is going to be fun to see how God works to bring about this amazing event!

Lynn Ann Huizingh

Executive Director