SWSN Has New Daytime Volunteer Opportunities!

by | Sep 13, 2022

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We have introduced Connection Hours to you. Now let me introduce a couple additional Daytime opportunities that are critical to helping our shelter neighbors and guests successfully be in the same geography together. 


The move to one Host Site has caused us to make sure we are thinking through all the logistics and possible challenges we may experience this season. It is possible guests may think they can show up to the Host site prior to 3pm. It is also possible they may be slow to move off the property in the morning. How can we best support the Regional Coordinators on either end of a shelter day? 


I invite you to consider becoming a Morning or Afternoon Site Watch Volunteer. Just an hour of your time can make all the difference for the neighbors around the church and help our Regional Coordinator feel supported at the same time! 


This new volunteer role is very important to our success in this new model. Check out the volunteer page to learn more about this position and the many other opportunities to volunteer with Severe Weather Shelter Network this season!  We look forward to serving with you soon!