Phone Reservation Assistant…an on-call volunteer opportunity

by | Sep 22, 2022

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This volunteer opportunity happens from home. On the first day of a weather event we need volunteers who can answer phone calls from home and assist guests with reserving their space in shelter for that night, or for multiple nights if weather dictates. 


SWSN will forward the Hotline number to your home phone beginning at 10am. You will need your computer open and ready to enter names of pre-registered guests. Calls will go to more than six individuals in a round robin format. 


We believe the call volume will be greatly reduced as guests will be able to access the reservation option online for themselves through partner or library computers as well as their smartphones. 


SWSN knows we will have some guests who are not able to get online for one reason or another and will borrow a phone to make their reservation over the phone. 


Once shelter is full we will close the phone and online portal for the day. It can be a fast and furious span of time, but our guests are always so grateful for the opportunity to come in for the night!


Will you join us? Register through the Volunteer page and select Phone Reservation Volunteer to partner with us in getting our guys and gals in for the night!