Supply Drives are a HUGE help to reduce our bottom line!

by | Sep 27, 2022

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Fall is a great time to host a Supply Drive to support our guests over the course of the shelter season. 


There are a few items we want to make sure we have on site in case our guests are in need of them: 

  • RTD Local Bus Tickets (books of 10 tickets)
  • Winter weight sleeping bags
  • Dark colored tarps: green, brown, camouflage  (9’x11’ or 10’x12’)
  • Hot hands/Hot feet
  • Large, dark colored backpacks (black, brown, blue)
  • Winter hats and winter ski gloves
  • Boots (Brahma Men’s/Women’s work boots, George’s Men’s/Women’s winter duck boots)


We would love to partner with your church or business as you Host a supply drive on behalf of Severe Weather Shelter Network. Your help given right now will make sure we are able to provide necessary support and supplies to our guests when they come into a shelter night. Even more importantly, if we are full and have to turn people away we can provide important tools to help them survive the night and/or get to somewhere safe. 


Learn more about how you can Host a Supply Drive and give us a good head start for this new season!