What would you do if everyone important in your life decided your problems were to much to handle and simply would not welcome you any longer?

Loneliness is one of the biggest reasons depression and substance use are so prevalent in our society today. For people living on the streets loneliness is exponentially deepened by isolation, avoidance, criminalization of their choice of resting places…


People simply walk or drive by without looking them in the eye. The eyes are the window to the soul says the poet and I believe it. When you look someone in the eye there is an emotional connection to that person. It makes it much harder to walk away.

Volunteers with Severe Weather Shelter Network have looked our guests in the eye and seen the pain, the loneliness and the lack of self-worth. Every shelter night we have the opportunity to recognize our guests, to call them by name, to welcome them into a warm space and have dinner together. Often, shelter night is the only time in days that person has been acknowledged and valued as a person worth spending time with.

Severe Weather Shelter Network is raising $35,000 by November 2nd to support our shelter sites this season. Your gift given today will:

  • Support and encourage volunteers as they greet and serve our guests
  • Provide a safe, warm place where our guests are welcome to rest without having to “move along”
  • Provide access to RTD tickets to assist our guests in getting to necessary appointments

There are 2 ways for you to help us meet our goal right now: 

Thank you in advance for your generosity on behalf of our neighbors living on the streets! You will save lives this winter by partnering with us in this way.

Lynn Ann Huizingh

Executive Director