I might be crazy. Some people might even affirm that thought. Who in their right mind hosts, plans and implements TWO walks at one time?!

It isn’t about being in a right mind…it isn’t even a question of sanity. For me, it was a question of how a small nonprofit organization could let the broader community know we exist. I know there are people out there that want to help people living on the streets. The challenge is to find them and let them know we are here.

So…I began to pray about it. God in His faithfulness spoke to me and said “What about hosting a walk?” 

Everyone does walks I thought. There are a bazillion of them out there. Why would anyone consider participating in our little walk?

“Invite your partners to join you He said. Share the proceeds with some of your partners. Win, win…He said.”

Who does that!? Who hosts a fundraising event and then shares the proceeds with other organizations?! Would our partners even consider such a thing?

So in obedience I sent the email invitation and said “What would it look like for us to do this together? What would it look like for our communities to see us all working together for a common purpose? Would you join us?”

The answer was an OVERWHELMING yes! All of our partners jumped on board to help plan and implement this first time event.

12 partners from north Jefferson County to south Jefferson County and over into Arapahoe County. Partners we work with closely in the sheltering season every year. All of us working with people experiencing homelessness and doing amazing work.

5 organizations are financially benefitting from the event:

  • Severe Weather Shelter Network (emergency overnight shelter)
  • Giving Heart Englewood (Drop in Day site assisting our guests with resources and support)
  • HAAT Force South Metro (Providing motel vouchers for guests who cannot stay with us)
  • Mean Street Ministry (Drop in Food bank, assisting our guests with resources and support)
  • Living Well Shower Trailer (Providing showers for people experiencing homelessness 4 days a week, and looking to do more)

All of us serve the same individuals and families. All of us are to small to bring awareness to you on our own. All of us do something different to serve this population and work to assist them on their journey to a life off the streets.

We are just 1 week away now from the first of these walks. Why should you join us? 

You will learn more about the experiences of our guests life on the streets than you can possibly imagine. It will likely change the way you see these brothers and sisters who are currently experiencing a challenging time in their lives. It will likely change the way you see your own life.

You will have immediate connection opportunities to volunteer with anyone of 12 organizations who are having a direct impact in the lives of those we serve. You could do something today that will change the life of someone else tomorrow for a better future.

Your financial support will assist these 5 organizations to continue the work we are doing together on behalf of and with our guests every day.

Join us and celebrate the picture of collaboration; a lived out picture of what a community really should look like.

Register and contribute today by clicking on one of these links: 

The Journey Home: South Saturday, September 15th 9am-1pm

The Journey Home: Central/North Saturday, September 22nd 3pm-7pm

I look forward to welcoming each one of you on the 15th and 22nd of this month. We will celebrate together and enjoy community in a new way!


Lynn Ann Huizingh

Executive Director