Restoration. The act of restoring something that was taken away. Renewal of the spirit, a new way of thinking. A second chance at life.

The daytime hours are difficult for our guests. There is no where for them to go and be welcomed. The Community strips away their dignity and identity when they refuse entrance to a local business or simply refuse to acknowledge their presence. Imagine a single day where that would be true for you…then imagine that as the norm for your day.

Severe Weather Shelter Network is all about encouragement, connection to available resources, support in the process…even more importantly, we are about reminding our guests they are worthwhile. This is the process of restoration.

Do you have good listening skills? Are you able to give words of encouragement…or even just sit quietly with someone? Your presence on a shelter night speaks volumes to our guests without a word being spoken.

Your presence, your welcoming attitude let our guests know that they are worthwhile. Resources to share encourage our guests to connect with partners that can empower their steps out of homelessness.

Will you be an agent of Restoration?

Click here for more information that will help you take a new step in life…become a Severe Weather Shelter Network volunteer today.