Volunteer Training at the Lakewood Warming Site

Volunteers will gather this Sunday, January 14th from 1-3pm at the Lakewood Elks Lodge to receive training and orientation for our new Warming Site.

34 individuals have stepped up to the plate to help staff this site. We are looking for another 10-15 individuals to join us and make the staffing complete! Is that you?


Warming Site hours will be 5:30-7:30pm each designated shelter night from now through the end of April. We are in the process of creating 7 teams of 6 people each. One team for each night of the week.

What mobilizes our teams? Projected overnight temperatures of 32 degrees or colder with wet conditions or 20 degrees or colder with dry conditions. The season launched on October 1st. To this point we have sheltered 19 nights. We average 65 nights each season.

What kind of skills are we looking for? Organizational skills are helpful and the ability to say “no” from time to time. Mostly we are looking for people with good hospitality skills. People who are able to welcomefolks into a space and make them feel valued. We do this by listening, confirming reservations for shelter and helping our guests to remember the expectations for the night.

Are you a person with a balance of compassion and purpose? We would love to welcome you to the training and orientation this Sunday at the Lakewood Elks Lodge.

Want more information first?

Contact Lynn Ann Huizingh directly at 720-515-9313 or lynnann@swshelternetwork.com.

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