As You Have Done For The Least…

by | Nov 22, 2022

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Devotion: Matthew 25:40


As you have done it for the least of these who are my brothers and sisters, you have done it for me. 


Jesus concludes His teaching with this simple phrase. As you have done it for the least of these who are my brothers and sisters, you have done it for me. 


Let’s close the circle. Jesus began His teaching with I was hungry and you gave me something to eat. Over the course of these reflections we have done a deep dive into how all of these statements can show us how to build deep and meaningful relationships. 


We often will meet a new friend over a cup of coffee and a danish. As conversations grow deeper we welcome one another into our homes and friendships are cemented. We clothe one another with grace, mercy and love as we listen, care and serve one another. The relationship grows deep roots and we welcome one another into our illness and our prisons. The messiness of life becomes the place where we all move, live and have our being. 


Looking at the passage together I think we can see that all of us are at times “the least of these”. There is not one of us who is greater than the other. All of us at our base level need people we can be vulnerable with. People who will love us where we are and journey with us into a better place. 


At the surface, when we welcome our guests into our church shelter spaces we are scratching the surface of all that Jesus said. He is honored. His heart is expressed in each conversation. 


The shelter season is just beginning. Today, on this Thanksgiving Day 2022 I believe we can say Jesus is pleased. 


Severe Weather Shelter Network is made up of all of you! The volunteers, staff, many partners and of course our guests. We are a Network able to give thanks today because of all of you. We couldn’t do any of what we are called to do without you. 


Thank you. Thank you for being a blessing to everyone involved. Perhaps most importantly, thank you for loving each other well. In this way, Jesus is honored and glorified. And I am content. 


Lynn Ann Huizingh