Service Provider Volunteer

Volunteer Needs

There are several ways to sign up. We have listed a few options for you to consider:
  • Sign up for a single day in advance or on the day of shelter to fit your schedule.
  • Sign up for multiple days in advance. Example: Do you know that you always have Tuesday afternoon free? You can sign up for every Tuesday, every other Tuesday or any Tuesday you would like throughout the entire severe weather season.
  • Consider adopting a day or more each week. Example: Signing up for a partner slot every Saturday & Wednesday during the season
  • Want to serve together with your friends, company, church group, or club? Decide what days you would like to serve together and have each member of the group sign up for those days.
  • Get started by creating a DonorView account under your organizations’ name and add the group name to each of the service provider partner opportunities your group would like to cover. ***Please note, if you are signing up as a company or group, Please put the company/group name in the last name field and the individual contact person’s name in the first name field***