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Questions before you register:

1. Are you 18 or older without children that live with you?
2. Are you able to get up and down off the floor without help?
3. Do you live in Jefferson or west Arapahoe County?
4. Are you without pets? 

If you answered no to any question, you will not be able to stay
with us. Click here for other options


When do we operate?

October 1st through April 30th on “severe weather nights” 20 degrees or below and dry (no *active moisture) or 32 degrees and below with *active moisture. Severe weather temperatures and/or active moisture must be projected for 2 hours or more during the overnight hours of 6pm to 6am for shelter to activate.

*Active moisture is defined as rain or snowfall is predicted during the overnight hours. It may not include previous fallen moisture that may remain on the ground from a previous time.

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Who can shelter here?

Single men, women, and couples without children
*Must be 18 years old or older*
*Pets or emotional support animals are not allowed at shelter*
*Individuals must be able to get up and down off of the floor under their own power*
*Ability to go up and down flights of stairs unassisted (shelter sleeping areas are not ADA accessible)*
*Must register and consent to a background check*


Where do my things go?

You may bring one bag that must fit on lap during transportation.
Bags brought to site will be locked up overnight.
All other things must go somewhere you feel is safe for the night.

Where do I stay in the shelter?

Guests stay at local churches.
Men in one room and women in the other.
All other things must go somewhere you feel is safe for the night.

How do I get there?

All guests are transported to and from the church by bus.
More information will be provided when registered.

Is there food I can eat?

Hot, homemade meals are provided for any guest once you

Do I pay for shelter?

No guest has to pay for shelter.

We are no longer accepting registrations through the website. Please call 720-515-9313 to register on a case by case basis, Monday – Friday from 10am – 1pm.

I’m not a good fit. Now what?

Call 211 for other shelter openings
If you have kids, contact or view our partners.

HAAT Force

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