Your donations are appreciated year-round. They help Severe Weather Shelter Network increase our ability to cultivate community partnerships, grow our network, meet the needs of our guests, and help to end homelessness in the communities we serve.

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Your Donation Can Change Lives

Severe Weather Shelter Network is a private, non-profit agency that receives 30% of its annual operating budget from community members and community-based groups and 70% from grant sources. 

$50– Covers the cost of shelter and service for one guest per night

$75– Covers the cost of replacement for one bed roll

$350– Covers one week of shelter and services for one guest per night

$2000– Covers the cost of one night of shelter for 40 guests

$6000– Covers the cost of sheltering and servicing 120 guests on one shelter night


Homeless Contribution Tax Credit

Severe Weather Shelter Network has been approved in 2024 for Colorado’s Homeless Contribution Tax Credit (HCTC ). This Homeless Contribution Tax Credit is available throughout the entire state for a broader range of homelessness response related activities. You MUST be entered into the system to get your certificate to claim the credit. Please contact SWSN at 720-515-9313 to sign up today!

Tax benefits are: 25% of their donation (monetary or value of in-kind) as a state income tax credit for gifts of $100 or higher in cash or above $5,000 in in-kind donations (stocks, bonds, and other). PLEASE NOTE: the State of Colorado and the Division of Housing in the Department of Local Affairs, does require a full Social Security Number on file to receive credit. To learn more about Colorado’s Homeless Contribution Tax Credit, visit the state’s website here. 

Please note: the State limits the number of credits available to each participating organization each calendar year. Consult with your professional tax adviser to be sure the HCTC program will be of benefit to your specific tax situation. 

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