The Journey Home 5K Walks

Raising awareness regarding the realities of life on the streets

Severe Weather Shelter Network is hosting 2 walks in partnership with our organizational partners in September. We are very excited about this collaborative event and hope you will join us!

The purpose of these events is threefold: 

  • Raise awareness in the broader community regarding the realities of life on the streets
  • Provide immediate connection points to volunteer with organizations that are making a direct impact in the lives of people experiencing homelessness in our community
  • Raise necessary funds to continue the work we are doing on behalf of and with those we are serving

Click here to register to walk and/or give a financial gift today! 

The Journey Home South                                                                   The Journey Home Central/North

Saturday, September 15, 2018    9am-1pm                                    Saturday, September 22, 2018     3pm-7pm

Centennial Park Englewood                                                             Memorial Park Arvada

4630 S Decatur St                                                                               8101 W 59th Ave

Englewood CO 80110                                                                         Arvada CO 80002

5 organizations will receive funding benefits from these 2 events: 

  • Severe Weather Shelter Network (Event Host)
  • Mean Street Ministry
  • Living Well Shower Trailer
  • Giving Heart Englewood
  • HAAT Force South Metro

These partners have been very important in the building out of the network and the provision of emergency overnight shelter on life threatening winter nights. We have selected these organizations to benefit with us this year.

12 partner organizations have been involved in the planning and implementation of The Journey Home and will be represented in our Camp Expo on the day of the events.

Check out this link for more information about the walks and how you can get connected and registered to walk today! 

We look forward to welcoming you and your friends!

Past Events:


An Art Experience Bringing Awareness to Life on the Streets

Severe Weather Shelter Network offered a brand new event in April. We were excited to have guests join us for the premiere of a new short film “The Journey Home” describing Fredericks’ experience into homelessness and the journey back again. The creativity of Karen Primus, puppeteer and filmmaker, is evident and moving in this amazing film.

Local artists, passionate about assisting people experiencing homelessness, donated art pieces to be sold for the benefit of the work of Severe Weather Shelter Network. All proceeds from the sales of these pieces went to benefit Severe Weather Shelter Network.

Severe Weather Shelter Network is now recruiting volunteers for the new Lakewood Warming Site!
We are excited to partner with the Lakewood Elks Lodge in the use of their building and their volunteer corp to bring this much needed resource to our shelter network.
What is a Warming Site? 
Warming Sites are a very important part of our shelter experience. Shelter guests go to Warming Sites to wait for transportation to the Host Site where they will have dinner and spend the night. The Warming Site provides a warm place for our guests to get in out of the cold for about an hour, confirm their reservation for the night, have access to bathrooms and hot drinks.
Volunteers help make the space welcoming and safe for our guests. A good listening ear is always welcomed by our guests as they debrief their day and begin to relax before going to the Host Site.
What volunteers are needed? 
7 Team Leaders (One for each night of the week)
35 Hospitality volunteers (5 for each team)
What roles are included in the team? 
Team Leader: The point person for the night. The Team Leader is the one who delegates other roles to additional team members and is the primary contact for drivers and the Host Site where guests will be spending the night.
Hospitality Volunteers:
     ~ Greeter: One person to greet guests at the door as they come in
     ~ Bathroom attendants: One male and one female to monitor bathrooms
     ~ Check in: one person to check guests in against the nightly roster
     ~ Hot Drinks: one person to manage coffee and hot water supplies
     ~ Roamer: one person to roam tables and engage with guests
 How can you get connected to help? 
Contact Lynn Ann Huizingh at lynnann@swshelternetwork.com or 720-515-9313 for more information and to register for the training on the 14th.