Current Events:

Severe Weather Shelter Network is participating in the annual Colorado Gives Day campaign this year. 

Our goal is to raise $40,000 for the purpose of providing important emergency shelter this winter season. 

There are multiple benefits to our participation.

    1. Severe Weather Shelter Network is introduced to many new people through the sharing of our story. You can help share our story by becoming an Ambassador for Severe Weather Shelter Network. Click this link to learn more about how you can be an ambassador today!
    2. Community First Bank has set aside 1 Million dollars as matching funds to support the organizations who raise the most money. Your gift today could help us receive a complete match of $40,000 doubling every dollar you have given.
    3. Most importantly ~ You are directly helping us provide emergency shelter, hot meals and resource connection for the more than 600 individuals with whom we will engage this shelter season. You are literally saving lives!

Thank you for your generous support and your advocacy by inviting others to join you in supporting the work we do! 

Interested in volunteering? Click on the Volunteer tab and sign up to give your time today! Our Team will look forward to serving with you this winter.

Past Events:

Rivers WebLanding pageRivers In The Desert

Severe Weather Shelter Network recognizes and empathizes with all of us who have experienced radical change through the Pandemic. We are celebrating the way God has broken us free from “what was”, has ministered to and through us during the season of “what is” and has given us a vision for what will be as we move forward. (Isaiah 43:15-21)

Rivers in the Desert is a two week online funding campaign to raise $50,000 toward the vision God has given for the future of Severe Weather Shelter Network.

Over the two weeks we will share

  • Celebrations of God’s past provision
  • Celebrations of God’s provision in a Pandemic season
  • Celebrate and share the new Vision God is giving for the future

Will you join us? Give your best gift today by clicking the buttons below right now!

Can’t wait to get the details? Print the downloadable Rivers in the Desert One Pager right now.