Severe Weather Shelter Network continues in a five year collaborative relationship with Heading Home seeking to address the needs of those who are experiencing homelessness in Jefferson County.  Heading Home has a primary goal to end homelessness in Jefferson County. They are seeking to do this in a multifaceted approach that includes housing solutions, legal considerations, community development and of course, severe weather provisions. Heading Home is where Severe Weather Shelter Network got our start. 

Over the course of the last year, new collaboration with Interfaith Alliance has been a focus for Executive Director, Lynn Ann Huizingh.  The Severe Weather Shelter Network was invited to the table because we demonstrate the ability to mobilize the church; this was the starting point of developing community relationship with Interfaith Alliance.  Together, we are learning how to partner with city governments and county governments to work collaboratively to address the reality of homelessness in our Denver neighborhoods – in this case, mobilizing the community to provide attainable alternative housing for people living on the streets.  The Beloved Tiny Home Village is an example of this.  

Most recent, over the course of this summer, Severe Weather Shelter Network has been invited to join forces with a new initiative in Englewood currently named Englewood Homeless Initiative Task-Force.  This task force is comprised of community service providers seeking to assess the resources available to the homeless community, discover the gaps, and mobilize the entire community to work together to address the tangible needs of the homeless living in Englewood.  We share the same vision of caring for the needs of those experiencing homelessness and creating pathways towards self-sustainability.  We celebrate these growing relationships that increase ultimate impact on the community.  Homelessness is, in fact, on the rise.  We are dedicated to working with the community at large to let the homeless amongst us know that we do, indeed, see them, and we do, indeed, care for them.  We are, indeed, working hard at helping them with long term solutions that ultimately lead to sustainable restoration.

These collaborative efforts and partnerships are how Severe Weather Shelter Network is seeking to be part of generating and implementing the concept of Restoration in our communities and in the lives of our shelter guests.