The Quilt

We spent much time praying over the summer as to what God may be inviting us to step into through developing the vision for this year’s Refuge from the Cold event.  Through that process, we felt prompted to commission a professional quilting team to design and piece together a quilt specifically depicting the Severe Weather Shelter Network.  We had a general vision for this quilt in regards to components we wanted to see integrated into the design.  We met with the quilter’s and then handed the project off.  When we received the quilt, we were, quite literally brought to tears.  This quilt is stunning and encompasses several aspects of the work we do, with symbolism laced throughout the entire piece of work.  It is true to the vision we received over the summer and truly does speak to the powerful work that is done through Severe Weather Shelter Network.  It was generously donated to our organization for this purpose and will be available for purchase the evening of the event.  Stay tuned for thoughts from our Executive Director on “Why A Quilt?”.

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