Volunteers celebrate as SWSN reconnects with churches for shelter space

by | Aug 11, 2022

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SWSN staff are excited because volunteers are excited to come back into the church setting! We have to admit we were a bit nervous as we made the decision to leave motels and reconnect with church shelter. Would there be churches willing and able to Host us? Would volunteers return? 


The answer is yes! Many conversations have been had and are now in progress discussing which church buildings will host our shelter nights. 


New churches are on board to provide volunteer support, host supply drives and provide some financial support. Volunteers are excited to return, reconnect with our guests around the dinner table and have actual conversations. Guests are excited to return to shelter and reconnect with our volunteers. 


We are close, very close to confirming our Host sites for the upcoming season and very grateful for God’s faithful provision of space and people. 


Why? Community. Staff, volunteers and guests are excited because shelter nights create a sense of community and build relationships that cannot happen in any other way. 


 What can you do right now? Pray! Pray for a revealing of God’s provision in miraculous ways as only He is able to do. This is going to be a great season!